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Gift Vouchers
A Gift Unlike Any Other

A gift voucher is a wonderful idea for birthdays, weddings or just a special thank you. A dance lesson voucher is a gift that is enjoyable, fun and practical as the skill of dancing lasts forever.
Vouchers start at £55 and can be personalize with a special message. They can be emailed directly to you or a hard copy mailed to you at no extra cost. 

If you are looking for that special present, Forever Dance offers a gift voucher to suit you.

A. 1 x private lesson, 1 x group lesson
B. 3 x private lessons, 3 x group lessons 
C. 5 x private lessons, 5 x group lessons 

The vouchers also allow the recipient to choose from a range of dances: Latin, street Latin, ballroom, salsa, rock 'n' roll or weddings.

The lessons are personalised and you get to book them from week to week around your own timetable.

Forever Dance Barnet

Subud Barnet Centre
97 E Barnet Road

Tel 0746 000 4298

Forever Dance Southgate

Southgate Methodist Church
47 The Bourne,
N14 6RS

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Forever Dance Potters Bar

St Mary's Hall
The Walk
Potters Bar
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