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Mary Willis

My FD instructor is pretty amazing and it shows in his students.

Carly & Wombat

From the initial lesson to the final one, we didn't stop laughing and having the time of our life, let alone the fun we had delivering "our masterpiece" to our friends and family

Lauren Howard

"...also have new friends in Forever Dance who make me laugh, as well as being another source of fun and great entertainment!..."

Theo Papagianopoulos

"On behalf of the executive committee of the The Greek Siatista Club of Melbourne, we would like to thank you for your generous support in performing with your dance partners at our dinner dance..."


I can't believe how far my dancing has come since I first started and it's all thanks to you! Who would have thought 2 medals now!

Wayne Buchner

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thorough enjoyment in taking lessons with Alicia.

Caz Chong

I love Forever Dance and being able to celebrate my 21st there made the evening more special for me.


"It went well and was a huge hit and we had a lot of fun. Thanks for all the hard work teaching us.."

Jenni Quin

Last night I spent an hour dancing purely for pleasure with Jarrod.

Liddy Clark

Congratulations to you and your staff at Forever Dance for the special celebration on Saturday night. It truly was a celebration!

David and Sara, Wedding dance

A big thank you for your help with our wedding dance. We performed the dance at both our weddings in Melbourne and Bangkok, and pulled it off nicely!

Elise Esmond

I love Forever Dance! I've been taking lessons there for four months now and am so impressed by the quality of this studio.

Debby Cope Debby Cope

I have been having lessons in Forever Dance for few years now. I have enjoyed it so much! It is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

Georgina and Greg

Our wedding was absolutely fantastic and the dance was the one time in the whole day that my Mum absolutely bawled her eyes out.

Janet Lawrence Birthday celebration Janet Lawrence Birthday celebration

I sincerely would like to thank Richard and Jennifer and all staff at Forever Dance for making my 60th birthday, a milestone in my life a memorable one.

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